Friday, July 10, 2015

Blog active again, a.k.a. July update

So i have been away for some time.

No real reason for that.

Mostly, i have been driving cars and developing my own parts, for drifting/performance.

I've repaired some cars, crashed some and i am not nearly done, driving&experimenting, having fun&crashing..

..but i haven't left the rc sailing hobby.

All along i have been sailing evolution and for the last month or two fila 89, with mostly evolution guts(rigg,keel,rudders). Fila 89 is fast, not much faster than evolution, but handles better, gets up to speed faster. It will be raced in the end of august in the model olympics. Trying to take all the top spots from the get go.
So far in the F5g sailing season i have been doing great. Not sure if the boat(evolution) is  fast or my sailing is that good :D.
Videos of races follow on yt.
Posts on fila 89 follow.
A super narrow f5g boat follows.

The Jif got it's fair share of sailing too. Rg's are funny as hell, 270g of ballast on a 44cm ultra thin bendy keelfin and a full sailarea 90cm tall rigg make for a boat that is capable of carrying the same rigg up to 15knots, gusting to 20.
Damn that v botom can plan downwind. Not sure if it is actual plnning but is exceeds the hull speed for sure.
Project angeldust got dropped after a desk lamp heated the 3d printed plug so it got deformed.
A post on jif follows.

Footys have been down tho. I made it to the goldcup in Germany, but with prototypes of questionable speed. With noone to compare to, and not as much fun as the faster rg65 and f5g i won't sail footys often in the near future. The goldcup result confirms that.
Footys didn't grow roots in Slovenia, despite me bringing the footys to every rc event i went, giving them and lendind them to anyone interested.
Only two Karo replicas were built, but they weren't really race capable.(yet)
Now i am to busy&have other interests to actively promote footys here in slo. But footys are still great boats, and i will, maybe, take part in future goldcups with a borrowed boat(ICE would be nice, or a Slim perhaps..), i have been following the forum for years, before i made my own blog, before i've built my first footy.
Now everytime i try to enter it a vbulletin message appers: "Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address. To contact the administrator click here"   ...i have written (clicked) messages to the admin. But with no reply, not sure why all the devices i use got banned, And i don't think i've done something wrong according to forum rules.
I have yet to try other contacts to reach the admin.
If anyone has any info on the subject please contact me.
From time to time an interesting topic does pop up in the forum, and i would like to be a part of it, or at least read it.

And that would conclude the "july update".

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  1. Hi!
    Have you solved your problem loggin in

    I'm having the exact same issue with "Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address. To contact the administrator click here" ...
    Just managed to enter the forum using a proxy service but that is not the correct way of solving the problem...

    Good thing with this, just discovered your blog! :)

    Gonçalo Perpétuo