Saturday, July 18, 2015

F5g national class races - video clips

I uploaded some clips from races.
More are to come.
Video curtesy goes to Peter boat No. 68

1. race of the year took place in koseze, where the wind was surprisingly good.
I am sailing Evolution #86, Father is sailing Fila #87

8 races were sailed, the battery ran out for the last race. And so did the wind.
Results should be here:
But they aren't, they are very late, a few months late. Not sure why.

3rd race of the season was in Radeče, on a river, current was present. Nearby storms made for gusty and shifty condtions. Not to my liking
 But Radeče is always an interesting race, me and father were late, so we sailed with open decks, that resulted in fila sinking, almost to the bottom.
The boat got rescued, the battery was changed, and it sailed the rest of the races with a deck lid, with no problems. Hobbyking cheap servos ftw!

The race was tough.
The results are here:

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