Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fila #89 b-rigg fun and "Narrow" the F5g

While in Premantura i got the chance sail the new Fila with the b rigg.
I am satisfied with the result. Handling or speed aren't revolutionary but hadling is difinately improoved over evolution. Tacking is easier, There is also less nose down(logicaly, both boats have a wide stern, but fila has the hull shape made out of "circles", meaning there is less volume far from the centerline and low down, far from deck. So the rigg can "sink" the stern abit) Upwind, that is aspecially noticeable when bearing away.
I am still not happy with handling while reaching. The boat is forced to sail where it is pointing. Using even a small amount of rudder means loosing loots of speed. The bow is also too low in the water. Usually waves are not exactly perpendicular to the wind direction. Meaning that the boat can fly(go as fast as it can) one way, making that course really fun.
Reaching the other way sucks. Bow keeps digging. It is too low in the water. With all new components the boat will be circa. 150-200g lighter than it is on the photos but that won't solve the issue. It needs some kind of foiler under the bow, since no real lift is obtained from the sails.
Reaching the fun direction, note: bow up :D
When a wave ends(and there is no wave in front to plow into) there is enough downforce from the foil to sink the boat a couple cm.
The boat stays flat. It just sits deeper. Yes it is bad for the speed, but still better than a nosedive.
Downwind is just so much fun whe ne wind is above 15 knots.


The jib is 3 seasons old now. But the shape is still good

Handling upwind is excellet, or maybe just matched to my preferences.

I was too lazy to take blog worthy shots of the boat sailing with the a rigg. So it is going to happen in the next days, here in home waters.
I am just waiting for a day that won't be 35C hot, because that heat kills the morningbreeze, which usually develops into a steady 10knots if the temperature stays below 30.

Meanwhile the bulb for fila 89 is almost finished, next is the carbon keel fin.

Also i am working on a narrow f5g and rg65 with shadows borrowd from the f5g.

The f5g will weight somewhere between 1200 and 1270g, max. beam will be 6cm. The narrowes f5g ever.(exept if this gets finished sonner:
It's atribute will be weight and low WSA, it has less than half of the WSA than Evolution!
The construction will be really simple. It will be hot wire cut from a block of stirodur/depron foam, the edges will be sanded to a 10mm radius and it will be glassed with epoxy. Foam will be removed with acetone. Not a revolutionary tehnique but efiicent with time.
The goal of the boat is to set a new standard for sailing in light winds(koseze) and to see how a really slender hull behaves at speed. With help of my foiled rudders i am plannig to sail above hullspeed, for now probalby only downwind.