Sunday, February 9, 2014

3D printed rudder for f5g

Last year i designed a rudder to suit Fila, some points had to be taken into account when designing it.

-fila is a wide boat, meaning that the rudder will go out of the water under heel, so the rudder has to be long(17cm)
-it is relatively light(little momentum), so the overhang behing the rudder shaft has to be great, to swing the boat into tacks
-it has lots of sails(sa/weight is high) same as above

-it was to be a race boat, control was key, avoiding stall= fat naca 0010 profile(no laminar separation bubbles luckily)

So the rudder for fila was designed and build in glassfibre with a wood core. It gave great results, the boat tacked well, the bow could go down and control wasn't lost, queueuing was good etc.

So with the 3d printer i decided to build another one for the evolution boat.
I was printed at a high resolution in 7 hours(still less than waiting for epoxy to cure)
2 more hours went into sanding and gluing it together.
It is printed of pla plastic, glued together with super glue. The shaft is 3mm brass tube.
Weight is 35g, not light but for a " prototype" it is ok.
It is finished with 5 coats of spray paint. In the future car paint will be used.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gopro handle, 3D printed

Below is a stick for holding a go-pro camera.
I designed it for a friend who is a snowboarder, and doesn't want to spend 30€ for a tiny original stick, which sinks in water.
So this is a fat stick, for good grip with mittens, gloves, or when wet. It floats easily with all models of go pro, and has enlarged "bolt holders", so that the camera won't break of in a hit or crash or whathever...
In the bottom there is a hole for string, if one wants to have one attached.

If there is any interest drop me a mail, price is 15€(stick only :).
Custom everything is also possible.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Printing is on!

My ultimaker is on an endurance test, it is running for 16h nonstop.
I was waiting for quite some time for the printer, so i had plenty of things to print.

this are two hlafs of a rudder

it is basically the same as the one on fila, two or three thick layers of 2k paint will be needed to cover the steps from printing

this print will be used as a rudder on fila, the next print will serve as a positive for moulds
For future F5g boats such as evolution, cardio etc. a new bulb will be introduced

this is the printed positive, painting is required before a mould can be made, it took the printer 4h to print this

the expected weight is 700g, it is 22cm long and has a max thickness of 12% at 40% of chord
this is the first sold print, it is a gimbal mounting plate, for my friends hexacopter

The last print for today is a keychain for my girlfriend, after that the printer will get a well deserved rest. :)

If anyone is interested in prints:

IMO the prices are fair, much cheaper than other guys..