Thursday, June 26, 2014

My my IOM triple crown

About four weeks ago i tracked down an IOM boat on a local craigs list style webpage.
The price was not written, but i recognized the boat from a couple years ago.
In fact i tried sailing this boat about 4 years ago, we had a laser regatta and IOM guys had were also there.
I remembered that an acquaintance of mine bought it for something less than 1000€. So the price could not be more than that.
I gave him a call, he told me a few details about the boat and after we discussed the price all that was left to do was 300kilometers to pick up the boat.
It came like this:

The boat was made by an experienced builder who i know nothing about, except that his name is Iztok and that he knows how to build a nice boat.
Luka, a friend and enthusiat with whom i share many areas of interest told me that more of such IOM boats were built by this guy, to race the once existing Slovenian national championship.

The condition of the boat can not be seen in the pictures above.
But the boat is new, literally.
It has been sailed three times before i bought it for less than 500€, now that is a bargain one metre!

It came with a primitive charger and a 6chanell futaba radio, which i will sell asap.
The rudder servo is graupner standard.
the winch is this:
this "regatta" whinch is no good it is way to slow, 180deg heavy duty servo should solve that problem

the remote it came with:
 and the boat is well equipped, it has a neat switch and an expensive pulley:
the only thing that had to be replaced was the bungee keeping the tension so the sheets stay in check, i added a dacron patch to protect the hull
the finn seems to be full, carbonfibre skin, glasfibre and carbon rod core, it is probably quite heavy

the rigg is simple, the sails are made of kimoto foil which is too heavy
the sails are nice tho, the shape is good, i added my tell tails and went for a sail
so far i only sailed this boat once, in ok conditions

I am super satisfied with the buy.
I got alot for my money and the resale value is gonna be good.

This boat will serve as a comparison for my designs.
Offcourse i will also take it to races and have lots of fun with it.

but first(to do list):
-buy 3 sets of sails and masts from jelacic sailing/build three riggs, A,B,C
-replace the winch/servo, because this graupner regatta servo is way to slow
-get a measurment certificate

-go to some races, i am looking at some in Austria and Croatia all in a 200km radius

More sailing pictures and thoughts about the boat follow.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Eolution's evolution

Putting evolution through different setups has been very rewarding so far
sporting a 50cm long keel, the deepest in the fleet, made of hi tensile aluminum

the cg is now 10% aft of midboat, the bow is light, the boat is light nad lively

but also destructive
Two new principles for F5g class.
-More is more

-Keep the stern planted

These two will take my design dimensions up.
Aspecially the sailarea, the mast will also move back, as the rudder foil neutralises the helm.
Keeping the CG far back gives the boat skiff-style livelyness.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ptuj race report

On the 21. of June i gave a second go to organizing a national class regatta.
The race was a sucess, 11 competitors present, wind was good, and river flow made racing interesting but not hindered.
Me and my father took the top two spots sailing evolution and fila. Niko was third.

Full report soon

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Radeče race report

On Saturday, 14th of june, the 4th round of the national championship series took place in Radeče.
The course was set on a slow flowing river Sava, the current made racing quite interesting, sadly debris in the water spoiled the fair play a bit. The wind was good, fairly constant, gusting up to 15knts.
A good day to see how evolution handles racing chaos.
At first i was sailing wih no front rudder, the keel finn is in theory big enough to provide lateral support. Yes the boat sails, but there is too much leeway, aspecially compared to the slender deep hulled boats.
After two races i added the front rudder. The boat is way better this way, leeway is reduced to a minimum, if needed it can even be eliminated completely.
The tacks are very fast, lots of speed is lost compared to the hevier, less leaning Fila. But evolution accelerates much better.
Control downwind is maintained all the time, even when the boat nosedives.
Immediatelly i started a string of 4 1st place finishes.
Evolution was fast had angle, but the hadling was shit...
I found that this boat has the mast tooo far forward, more about the reason for this mistake in another post. So the boat has leehelm, which is very anoying an usually slow.
I tried to cure this by leaning the mast bac as far back as it would go ~ 12deg, the kicker on the main was set tight and the jib was far out when sheeted in, but still the leehelm stayed.
A new rigg is needed, in order to move the aerial CE further back.
Another great benefit of the forward rudder is hadling downwind and reaching. When sailing these two directions one can steer using only the fore rudder.
This way the boat handles very directly, an looses next to no speed even at high alpha.

below are some pictures of the regatta:
this dragon force is often present at races, it has a rigg bigger than legal for rg65 class


After 8eight races the race was finished, the results are on this link:

Update, videos surfaced.
1st race

second race above
third below
fourth below