Wednesday, September 10, 2014

more 3D prints

below are some of the 3d prints i did for people who contacted me.
Most are my designs(from solidworks), some are from

My development, a gopro clicker, reinforced design, tolerances apropriate for 3d printing
the difference

offcourse it is interchangable with the original

servoarm and rudder shaft support for fila#89
130mm extension for gopros, printed with 100% infill

layer thickness here is 0.2mm for fast printing

gopro frame from thingiverse on a custom mount to slide into the universal dslr flash mount

0.2mm layer again

fittment tested on this olympus, canon 5d and nikon d90 fits perfectly!

this is a samsung galaxy mount combined with the dslr flash adaptor

no clue why the client wanted to attach the gopro and the galaxy to the dslr..

drift-trike wheel, but the nozzle got clogged

gps case for a Naza controled hexacopter
mk1 parts for the helmet swing mount
 I decided stop using 0.2mm layer thickness as the surface finish is much worse compared to 0.15 or 0.1mm layer height.
So from now on i only use those two layer heights for components that don't require a very good surface finish.
0.1mm layer bmw e36 jacking "mushrooms" they hold the cars 1250kg no problem
foglight delete plate for the bmw

vw bus, needs cleaning up

printed this and stuck it to the cealing with hot glue, thingiverse search: cute octo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fila #89

At the rogla race Niko a fellow sailor gave me a fila hull, with a built in finn box, finn and rudder. Thanks alot again!
So the goal was to have the boat sailing by now but fiddeling around my car and school made me postpone this project.
This boat will be an improvement to fila #87, it won't be perfect but it will be good.
It will also showcase 3d printed parts.
The boat will be primarily a one keel fin one rudder boat, but a fore rudder shaft will be also fitted.

as i got it, the keelbox was prfectly aligned the rudder post was of centreline for 2mm

rc stuff mock-up, a laid down sheet servo is a first for me

standard b-rigg is used for mock-up of eyelets for sheets and shrouds
3d printed mast box, the mast rake i adjustable 3-10 deg of backwards rake

this is a new material i use, its bison plasteline epoxy, its a 5minute epoxy, gets stiff as a rock and is very nice to sand

shroud from the inside(3x2cm patch is enough

backstay, the hook is made out of 2mm alu bicycle spoke

keel finn, the target weight is 1600g, but i wont go below 700g of ballast! lots of wolume to play with the original fila weighs 1850g sail-ready

all glued in, the finn box was in the way, so i cut it, still enough space for the keel to fit inside..
..the woodden supports area waiting to be cut abit more..

everything is stainless steel(1mm, tig welding rod) or aluminum
First test will be carried out with evolution rigg against fila#87, evolution 50cm deep keel can be used on this boat.
Looking to get the sheeting sistem and new rudder post&rudder glued and runnig by the end of the week.
That is it for now.