Monday, November 24, 2014

November update

December is going to be busy!
The way i like it, i hope school won't stand in the way too much.
3 projects are active all to be finished till the end of January.

My father and I decided to take part in the 2015 footy gold cup. More info will be soon avilvable on a dedicated site. For now Thomas(the german footy registrar) is keeping some of us updated on:

Footy first:

This is Booyah, my 2015 footy design. It already is the first(known/proove me it isn't) 3D printed footy. Photos follow.
The design is placed into the box longitudinally nose down.
giving it a max lwl of 33cm.
The all up weight should be 450g
But the 3d printed prototype won't be as light. After testing and improovement the boats will be made of composite, to save weight.
The hull has a high prismatic coeff. and plenty of reserve volume. It will carry a classic rigg. The A_rigg will exceed 2000sqcm.

Then come the rg65s,
Some sailors here in Slovenia decided to start building them. 2goths, one own design and two other are looking for boats.(that makes 8, counting the dragonforce seen on regatas, me and father)
It looks like rg65 is going to be the new class here in slovenia.
So i picked up my left behind projects..
the jif65:

which only needs a bulb, and a paint job(to cover porosion)

and the angeldust rg.. is a 9/2012 design, designed to be nothing special, following the common rules of thumb know in naval architecture. Only the rigg will be somewhat special.
It is intended to be an allround boat, and a rigg testing platform.
I already made a plug and a hull for it, but it is twisted, so i wont use it. The past two days were spent drawing the sucker in solidworks, refining the rigg and bow sections. Today i have the files ready to start 3d printing the new plug.
It will be hopefully printed by sunday, so i can glue the parts and get the plug ready for moulding.

There is also the new fila which has to be finished till late may. To startthe national championship season.

The battle plan is to get the angeldustplug printed asap.
To finish the footy in the next 14days and trial it against Karo.  -then analyse & improove
The jif should be done till new year.
Angeldust should be done till end of january, to test agaist jif and hopefully other rgs.

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